Lauren Taylor

Interior Stylist

Portland, OR

+1 971 217 8404

About Lauren

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Interior design

Coming from a long line of antique collectors, I learned at a young age the power of design and it's ability to transform any space. As a child, I shunned the old pieces when my friends told me that our home felt "like a museum." But as I grew, I came to understand the delicate balance of old with new and how stunning the juxtaposition of these styles, can create an even more powerful space, together. 

Art History courses in college taught me to love not only the beauty of art and design, but the incredible story that any one piece will tell and in my final year, I fell in love with Modern Art. The freedom, and lack of boundaries, pulled me in and grabbed hold of my senses; a grasp that has not let go since.

Following graduation in 2009, I moved to Portland and found work at the best Modern Furniture store in Portland, Hip Furniture. Here, I have been able to expand on my knowledge of Modern Design and help our clients do the same.

When working with clients outside of Hip: I have a penchant for blending old with new, and relish in finding the delicate balance that these two elements require. I believe that interiors should not only be beautiful, but they should tell a story. Where do you come from? Who are you today? What are your wants/needs/loves? Also, what do you need the space to do for you? It is of utmost importance that your space is more than attractive, but that it functions for you. 


Are you ready to tell your story? Whether it's a lifetime of travels, a bachelor/ette looking to spruce up their place for adulthood, or a family just trying to make life easier, I want to help you.

Lauren is available on an hourly basis; please contact for pricing and availability.